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Jake Long rumors: Offensive tackle cleared, visiting Atlanta Falcons

Should the Giants swoop in?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

New York Giants fans have been asking for months why the team had not signed free agent and former Pro Bowl offensive tackle Jake Long. Well, the likely reason he had not signed anywhere is that after tearing his ACL twice he had not been cleared for a return to the league. Now, apparently, he has.

Do you think the Giants should still be interested? Dan Graziano of ESPN believes that they are. They have had Long in twice and, to my knowledge, this will be Long's second visit with Atlanta. If he leaves that visit without a contract should the Giants jump to the front of the line?

We know Marshall Newhouse is the starting right tackle, and that many of you aren't thrilled about that. Will Beatty isexpected back around midseason, but the Giants are entering Week 1 with only eight offensive linemen, meaning you can expect them to add one after Week 1. Remember, contracts for veterans signing after Week 1 are not guaranteed for the full season.

So, Jake Long Giants fans. Yes or no?