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Tom Coughlin won't rule out Jason Pierre-Paul, Victor Cruz for Sunday

Takeaways from Coughlin's Monday media session.

Victor Cruz
Victor Cruz
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin on Monday did not rule out the possibility that Jason Pierre-Paul or Victor Cruz could play Sunday when the Giants open the regular season against the Dallas Cowboys. Read what Coughlin had to say about those players, and several other topics, during his press briefing.

On the signing of veteran safety Craig Dahl ...

"He's a veteran. He knows the system. He can communicate well. He'll have a few bumps in the road ... but he'll know what we're doing and he'll get us lined up.

"We just felt at this time this was the right thing for us."

On Jason Pierre-Paul ...

"When Jason comes and he's here I'll be glad to talk to you about him.

"We need a healthy Jason Pierre-Paul, certainly. He's a guy who would add to our team provided he's healthy and he can play at the level that he's played at."

On whether JPP will play this weekend ...

"I'm not saying anything. Maybe he comes in, he's in great shape and the doctors clear him right away, he practices two days and he goes and plays. I don't know. I'm not sure about any of that, but I'm not gonna rule that out, either."

On Victor Cruz ...

Coughlin said Cruz has been working in the pool and running under water. Will he play against the Dallas Cowboys?

"He'd have to practice. He'd have to be comfortable. If he looks good in practice, we'll decide."

On the signing of Louis Nix III ...

"The big tackle, we, of course, knew about him, discussed him thoroughly when he was coming out, and a couple years later he was available so we thought that this would be a good time to take him and work in. He had been at nose tackle, don't really think that's what he is, a three-technique, big guy who can move and who can run, so we were interested."

On Jon Beason's availability for Sunday ...

"We're hoping. We gotta get him out there and get him going ... he's excited, we're excited."