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Giants news: Roster updates, must win year for Tom Coughlin, more

New York Giants headlines for 9/7.

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Happy Labor Day New York Giants fans! Here are your headlines for this Monday morning.

New York Giants roster updates

These past few days have been nothing but crazy as the Giants look to perfect their roster. We've got you covered with every detail.

The Giants add Louis Nix III and Asa Jackson and have cut Kendrick Ellis and Mike Harris.

Corey Washington receives an injury settlement to become a free agent.

The New York Giants practice squad is taking shape.

Vacchiano: Tom Coughlin "must produce results"

Long time Giants writer Ralph Vacchiano believes that this year will require excellent coaching on the part of Tom Coughlin to be competitive. In fact, Vacchiano writes that nothing short of  a career season by Coughlin is required for him to keep his job.

It's a "win or else" season for Coughlin and many others on the Giants. There is no doubt the 69-year-old is fighting for his job. And to save it, with a flawed, injury-plagued team that stumbled through the summer, Coughlin is going to have to do the best coaching job of his entire life.

It's well known that John Mara was so infuriated with last year's loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars that he wanted to fire everyone. It's implied by Vacchiano that he was definitely considering it in regards to Coughlin, even if he resisted the urge.

It's certainly possible that a mediocre team can be dragged from one end of the spectrum to the other by a terrific coach. And that, when boiled down, is the reason Coughlin will be on the sidelines on Sunday night in Dallas for the start of his 12th season as head coach of the Giants and 20th season as an NFL head coach overall. That is the reason John Mara resisted firing him last season, even though at least some of his instincts seemed to be telling him Coughlin must go. Mara believed Coughlin had at least one more great season left him, and that is exactly what it's going to take. With this team of Ifs, Coughlin is going to have to have the season of his life to ensure he gets another.

While there's certainly a debate to be had of whether who should receive blame in the Giants' hierarchy, the fact remains that the team needs a successful season to save jobs.

Kam Chancellor trade watch

While preliminary talks for Kam Chancellor have been confirmed, the Seattle Seahawks and the Giants are far apart on any type of deal.

The Giants did indeed place a call to Seattle over the weekend, according to a team source, to see if the Seahawks would trade the 27-year-old, three-time Pro Bowler who has yet to report to the Seahawks and is threatening to stay away until they renegotiate his contract. But according to multiple NFL sources, many teams have reached out to the Seahawks for the same reason. Those sources all believe the Seahawks either won’t trade Chancellor, or will set a price that is prohibitively high.

Geremy Davis: "I'm a Giant"

Geremy Davis has been writing weekly articles for the New York Post to help illustrate the life of a fringe roster player. Davis can now say he's no longer a fringe, on the bubble player but now an actual member of the New York Giants. He's obviously very excited.

I didn’t get a call. This is my first year, I didn’t know if they call to say you made it or not, then some people were saying no call is a good call. So that was in my head and I was like, "I hope I don’t get a call.’’ I still haven’t talked to anyone from the Giants, not yet at least.

I’m a man of faith. I put everything I could out there, thought I did everything I could throughout OTAs, mini camps, the games, even my off-season at home in Georgia, leading up to this moment. Thank God the outcome of it. But that’s just the beginning. That was just preseason and camp, now we got a full season ahead, I got to stay consistent and get better throughout the year and help contribute to the team.

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Around the league

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Montee Ball, another disappointing second round running back, has been waived by the Denver Broncos.

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