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Chris Cooley to work out for the New York Giants

The Giants are working out a former division rival. Could they be ready to move on from Larry Donnell?

Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Tom Coughlin and Jerry Reese are constantly repeating the mantra that they are constantly looking at all options to improve their team. They are proving that again this week when they will bring former Washington Redskins' tight end Chris Cooley in for a workout on Tuesday.

Last week the Giants cut tough veteran Preston Parker after his repeated drops killed several offensive drives. This past week, Larry Donnell, who has already proven to be -- frankly -- a liability as a blocker, had an agonizing drop of a pass that Eli Manning delivered to him in stride.

During the preseason, Cooley said that he was desperate to get back into the NFL. He also said that gladly play for the veteran minimum, and waive any injury guarantee, and even play for a team other than Washington.

"If I went to camp, I could be anybody's third tight end, worst case," Cooley said. "I have no doubt. Any team in the NFL, I could be their third tight end. There's not a question in my mind."

"I'll just say that I want to, [play again]" adding: "Two years ago, had I gone somewhere (other than Washington) and it didn't work out, I would have had my feelings hurt. And now, I think it would just be fun."

Cooley, 33, last played in 2012, and was cut midway through the season. He retired from football in the summer of 2013, but apparently he has the itch to play again. He has 429 receptions in a nine-year career.

The Giants are likely simply checking on Cooley's status should they need to make a roster move or mid-season addition. However, there is the possibility that Donnell's play of late could factor into their decision to bring Cooley in.

Stay tuned for any more news about the Giants' mid-week workouts.