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NFL Schedule, Week 3: Sunday rooting guide for Giants fans

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Believe it or not, you are a J-E-T-S fan this weekend.

Yes, you are a Jets fan today
Yes, you are a Jets fan today
Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

Well, New York Giants fans we have arrived at one of those weird NFL Sunday where your Giants are not playing. The Giants, of course dispatched their favorite patsies, the Washington Redskins, on Thursday and are now resting up for a Week 4 game in Western New York against Rex Ryan's Buffalo Bills.

So, what is a Giants fan to do today? Well, avoid the early Fall honey-do list at all costs. Unless, of course, you need to use the day scoring some serious marriage/relationship points. Or, better yet, your wife happens to love football and she will be on the couch watching games with you all day.

It is way too early to be figuring out playoff scenarios and all that. Besides, what it basically amounts to for the Giants is win the NFC East or almost certainly end up going home without a playoff berth for the fourth straight season. There are, however, certain games Giants fans should be paying attention to today and certain outcomes you should be rooting for.

You are a fan of the Atlanta Falcons today. The Falcons face the Tony Romo and Dez Bryant-less Dallas Cowboys today. The Giants really need the Cowboys to stumble somewhat while Brandon Weeden or Matt Cassel is at quarterback, so they could really use some help from the Falcons today.

You are -- gulp!!! -- a big-time New York Jets fan today. As hard as that is to stomach, the Jets host the 0-2 Philadelphia Eagles today. How nice would it be to see the team that Chip Kelly built fall to 0-3, a fate the Redskins helped the Giants avoid, and almost certainly spiral out of contention for a playoff berth?

The St. Louis Rams, Minnesota Vikings and San Francisco 49ers are 1-1. So, you are rooting for the Pittsburgh Steelers to knock off the Rams, the San Diego Chargers to foil Adrian Peterson and the Vikings, and the Arizona Cardinals to defeat the 49ers. All of those things could eventually help the Giants if they are in a wild-card chase.

You are also probably rooting for the 0-2 Chicago Bears to upend the 0-2 Seattle Seahawks today.Why? Just because it would be sort of fun to see the Seahawks go 0-3 to start the season.

Those are my thoughts. What are your thoughts about who you are rooting for today?