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Jon Beason: Giants still need to finish games better

Says fourth quarter "not indicative of the way the game went."

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Despite earning the first win of the 2015 season Thursday against the Washington Redskins, the New York Giants struggled a little bit in the fourth quarter after dominating the first three. Giants' middle linebacker Jon Beason wasn't particularly happy with how the team finished the game.

"That fourth quarter was not indicative of the way that the game went," Beason said. "We still, for some reason, collectively have this problem with finishing. I don’t know, I think they ran 30 plays in the fourth quarter offensively and that means they’re converting, they’re moving the ball, we gave up another touchdown, special teams had been great all year and gave up a big return late after scoring a touchdown.

"The offense’s four minutes wasn’t pretty, but we did hit a big play to Rueben. We all realize we’ve all got a hand in this and it’s bad. You always want to be a team that’s known to finish strong and I don’t want other opposing teams to think, ‘hey, we’re playing the Giants. Whether they have a big lead or we keep it close, we know in the fourth quarter they’re going to give us this and that.’

"We still, for some reason, collectively have this problem with finishing." - Jon Beason

"You don’t want to be that. That’s something we have to put more emphasis on and we have to figure out what the issue is because you just can’t be consistent in this league and try to win games if you’re doing that."

Beason, though, is confident the Giants can continue to play well.

"To get the win was huge, knowing that we can, knowing that we are a good football team and we need to start thinking that. The way we are in the locker room, outside the doors, the way we carry ourselves in the community here, we’re a great football and we have a chance to go far if we decide to do that."

Thursday night's game was Beason's first real game action in nearly a year. While he was limited from going all out against the Redskins, Beason felt he made progress.

"Going into that, I just wanted to be where I was supposed to be and make sure that from an assignment standpoint that I was consistent," Beason said.

"I would love to have been more active, make more plays, be more a factor that way, but I did my job and I gave great effort and I didn’t feel winded, which was good, so the work in the pool and the arm bike and kneeling arm sprints, all those things I’ve been doing to try to keep my cardio up was evident. For the most part, I think it was a great step forward and we’ll just keep building on it."

Beason and the rest of the Giants now have a few extra days of rest to prepare against the Buffalo Bills. Beason feels that these couple of days will be invaluable for the team.

"Getting an extra two days off and then we’ll probably have that Tuesday off next week off is huge in terms of recovery and get a chance to study Buffalo and figure out how we’re going to attack them," Beason said.

Beason will use the extra days off to work on his conditioning.

"Well, after a game you definitely want to recover, but for me, I’m going to continue to do some extra running and try to get my wind back so I can play at a high level. That’s key for me."