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NFL power rankings 2015, Week 3: Giants sliding down the rankings

How do the New York Football Giants fare in the power rankings after week 2?

Al Bello/Getty Images

With two weeks of NFL action behind us, the New York Giants have fallen even further down the various Power Rankings. And with the Giants' losses -- and how they've lost -- it is to be expected that they slide down the power rankings.

Without further ado, let's get to the rankings.

SB Nation -- New York Giants (0-2) -- 26th, last week: 24th. -- 27th (last week: 22nd)

Lots of questions and criticism swirling around the New Meadowlands on Sunday, following yet another blown opportunity for the Giants. Seems like nothing is going right for Tom Coughlin's group, with opponents leaping over perfect coverage to make plays. Julio Jones struck again by not being awarded a touchdown on that final drive, allowing Atlanta to burn more time off the clock. Nothing is going to get better for the Giants until the defense comes to play. Otherwise, it's all on Eli Manning. This just in: Manning has never won big when it is all on him. With this NFC East, though, don't rule the G-Men out quite yet. Especially with Philly losing again.

...Huh, I must have imagined Eli carrying the worst defense and running game in the NFL to the Superbowl in 2011. I wonder what I was on and where I can get more, because that was fun.

ESPN -- 26th (last week: 24th)

The Giants have blown 10-point leads in the fourth quarter in both of their first two games. They have allowed 28 fourth-quarter points this season (23 points in first three quarters).

CBSsports -- 27th (last week: 18)

Given Tony Romo's injury, the offensive struggles in Philly, and the lack of overall depth and talent in Washington, the Giants could be in a position to steal the NFC East ... but only if they stop giving away games.

Yahoo! Sports -- 26th (last week: 25th)

The Giants are the first team in NFL history to blow double-digit leads in each of their first two games. So if you want to be incredibly optimistic, you'd point out that the Giants are a play here and there (like Rashad Jennings scoring in Week 1 instead of Eli Manning telling him not to) from being 2-0.

Call me "incredibly optimistic" then, because I'll point that out. I could also point to the pair of blown calls in the 1st game, but I guess that's not snide enough. To quote "The Life Of Brian" 'Always look on the bright side of life!' *whistle*

So what do you think, Big Blue View? Are the Giants ranked about right? More importantly, do they have what it takes to turn their season around?