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Injured Tony Romo being placed on short-term IR by Dallas Cowboys

Giants will catch a break with this news.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

When the New York Giants host the Dallas Cowboys at MetLife Stadium on Oct. 25, the Cowboys will be without star quarterback Tony Romo. That was assumed already after Romo suffered a fractured collarbone Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles, but became certain with word that Romo is is being placed on IR/Designated To Return by the Cowboys. He won't be eligible to return until Dallas plays the Miami Dolphins on Nov. 22.

That, of course, is a break for the Giants. The Cowboys are also without wide receiver Dez Bryant.

The Giants and Cowboys meet again Week 7. For that game to mean anything to the Giants, however, they have to start winning some games following a disturbing 0-2 start. If they can win some games the next few weeks perhaps they can take advantage of a weakened Cowboys offense. If, however, they fall out of the race before then it won't matter.

The Giants also got some good news today with word that Victor Cruz was seen running on the sidelines during practice.