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Giants' news, 9/20: Criticism raining down on Giants after another loss

New York Giants headlines for Monday, 9/20.

All the Giants can do is watch as Atlanta's Davonta Freeman scores the game-winning touchdown
All the Giants can do is watch as Atlanta's Davonta Freeman scores the game-winning touchdown
Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, New York Giants' fans. Yes, I know many of you will ask "what's good about it?" The Giants lost another football game Sunday that was theirs for the taking. This morning's headlines are filled with reaction to Sunday's 24-20 loss to the Atlanta Falcons, so let's get right to it.

New York Daily News media columnist Bob Raissman wonders just how bad it's going to get for head coach Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning in the wake of Sunday's meltdown:

Will the beatdown the media put on them after the Dallas fiasco look like toasted marshmallows compared to what lies ahead in the wake of the breakdown Sunday in the Giants' 24-20 loss to Atlanta?

Well, let's look at some of the bashing the Giants are taking.

Ernie Palladino of WFAN wonders if anyone is listening to Coughlin anymore:

Tom Coughlin will continue to bang home his philosophy about finishing games — get stops on defense, keep the chains and the clock moving on offense — something the Giants' failed at miserably both in the final seconds against Dallas and in the entire fourth quarter against Atlanta.

"I just asked them to search down inside," Coughlin said after the game. "We talk every week about finishing. That wasn't a finish for me.

"We talk about ‘Don't keep score, I'll keep score. I'll let you know when the game's over.' The competitive nature and the finish of the game has got to improve."

Over those same three days, Giants followers will wonder whether anybody in that locker room is listening. They will have good reason, too.

The Giants honored their 1990 championship team on Sunday. Gary Myers of the Daily News says Coughlin's Giants can't measure up to the Bill Parcells Giants:

You can just rewind the tape for the last few years and Tom Coughlin wouldn't have even needed to show up at his postgame news conference. The old stand-bys:

Hard to explain big mistakes by Manning.

Got to learn how to finish.

The effort was there.

They played hard.

We'll do the only thing we know how: Get back to work.

Been there, heard that from Coughlin.

Tara Sullivan of gets right to the point. Eli Manning is not getting the job done:

Yet the most shocking part of Coughlin’s message was not so much that mistakes are happening, but who is making the worst of them. Quarterback Eli Manning, the man who built a reputation on smarts and skills, the man who led two stirring Super Bowl runs on the back of countless fourth-quarter comebacks, the man the Giants need more than anyone to play above his pay grade, is shrinking where he used to rise.

Bob Glauber of Newsday also points the finger at Manning:

He has been the Giants' most indispensable player for more than a decade now, and has been the central figure in two Super Bowl championship runs and a host of other memorable wins. But two games into an $84-million contract extension, the greatest quarterback in franchise history is now at the heart of an early-season swoon that threatens to grow into a crisis.

Eli Manning blew it down the stretch in Week 1 after a rare mental lapse in which he didn't know how many timeouts Dallas had and instructed Rashad Jennings not to score in hopes of bleeding the clock. And now, another second-half failure that puts his team at 0-2 and in danger of collapsing into a fourth straight season with no playoff berth -- a scenario that will almost surely take down Tom Coughlin in the process.

USA Today's "For The Win" column writes that opponents are learning that "If you wait long enough, the Giants will hand you the game."

Jason Pierre-Paul notes

Lawrence Taylor said Sunday that the amputation of Pierre-Paul's index finger should not prevent him from rushing the passer. The thumb is the problem:

"I don't think the index finger is that important," he said. "The most important thing is the thumb. If your thumb is damaged, and I know how it is when you have a damaged thumb, that is no good. The index finger, I think he can fight through that. He may not have the grabbing, but he can still slap and swim and you can still tackle. If the thumb is bad, then it's very hard. I've done everything to my thumb. My thumb goes south, it never goes north anymore."

Deadspin writes that the situation between Pierre-Paul and the Giants is only going to get uglier.