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Giants news: Cullen Jenkins says Giants need "killer instinct"

New York Giants headlines for Wednesday, September 2.

Cullen Jenkins is worried about the Giants' motivation on game days.
Cullen Jenkins is worried about the Giants' motivation on game days.
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Good morning, New York Giants fans! Here are some headlines for your Wednesday work day.

Cullen Jenkins: Temperament, not talent the problem

Defensive tackle Cullen Jenkins believes one of the problems the Giants have had the past two seasons is temperament. The Giants lack what Jenkins calls "a killer instinct" during games.

"A lot of times we come out, we practice well, we go through things, we’re where we need to be — and then we get into the game and we may freeze up a little bit, or we just don’t carry it over, when you should be going into the game and stepping it up a notch," Jenkins said. "We’ve got to learn as a team how to go into game day with more of a killer instinct.’’

Although the Giants do have one more preseason game, for Jenkins, it's all about improving and honing in on that killer instinct New York will need when it faces the division champion Dallas Cowboys on September 13.

"Going into the regular season, regardless of how we play against New England [in Thursday’s preseason finale], we’ve got to be able to step it up in the regular season and improve,’’ Jenkins said.

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