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Fantasy Football: Set your lineups for FanDuel Week 2 leagues

DFS is growing in popularity by the second, and you can't afford to miss out on a chance at a million dollar lineup!!

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Antonio Brown
Antonio Brown
Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

Editor's Note: FanDuel is running a $1,000,000 fantasy football league in Week 2. The Top 46,000 teams win cash with $100,000 paid to first place. Join now!

Go HERE to sign up for this weeks' league, which will start Week 2 (September 20)

If you watch any TV, you've seen more advertising for daily fantasy sports than you've seen for NFL games. DFS is literally EXPLODING, and FanDuel is leading the charge.  Week one is in the books, and now we have some good opportunity to hunt for value.  The algorithms that these sites use take into account recent scoring trends, but they don't turn on a dime, which makes for some nice value plays in week two.  My fundamental advice for building a lineup is to find an expert's rankings that you agree with (or your own), and cross reference that list with the FanDuel pricing.  At each position, the goal is to find players that are ranked higher than they are priced.  Value drafting 101.  As an example, Sam Bradford is ranked #6 QB this week by the MAN, Patrick Daugherty at Rotoworld ( @RotoPat on twitter), but is priced as the #17 QB on FanDuel. Giddy up.

Below is my tournament lineup for FanDuel's $1 Million NFL Rush tournament.  Feel free to comment below and share on twitter. LET'S GO!!

Sam Bradford, QB, PHI $7500

Bradford played poorly in the first half of MNF's loss to Atlanta, and STILL ended up with 336 yards passing on 52 attempts. I thought the Falcons defense looked much improved, and I think the Eagles put up a lot of points in their home opener vs the Pokes.

Carlos Hyde, RB, SF $7000

This one may feel like chasing last week's production, but it's not; Hyde is the real deal. The current Steelers defense is swiss cheese, Reggie Bush is hurt, and Hyde has the full skillset to be a true bellcow. However long his body holds up getting 25-30 touches/game, in an otherwise tepid 49ers offense, Hyde looks to be an every week RB1.

Jeremy Hill, RB, CIN $8400

Hill had a great week one because of TD's and a weak OAK rush defense, but received limited touches due to game flow (a blowout in this case). This week against the Chargers, I'm anticipating a much closer game, and Hill should get 20-25 touches, which makes him a top 5 RB this week.

Jordan Matthews, WR, PHI $7000

Eerily similar to Bradford, Matthews is ranked #6 and priced #17. He had a big drop in crunch time last week, and was devastated afterward on the sideline.  My guess is Bradford peppers his best WR with targets, and he has a BIG game against the shaky Dallas secondary.

Steve Smith Sr., WR, BAL $6700

Ol' man Smitty layed a dud last week, which looks like it was due to (maybe) best defense in the NFL, the Denver Broncos.  He's still the best target for Joe Flacco, and I like them both to have a bounce back game against Oakland.

Antonio Brown, WR, PIT $9200

Pay up for your stars. With Le'Veon out one more week, AntBrown should receive all he can handle this week at home vs. the Niners' untested secondary. I almost went with Julio here, but this IS a Giants blog....

Jordan Reed, TE, WAS $5000

I'm admittedly scared of the matchup, as St. Louis's defense is a clear top 5 NFL unit, but I love the opportunity. Reed is one of the most athletic TE's in the league, and with Desean Jackson out a few weeks with a hamstring, Reed should see 8-12 targets/game.  hat volume at $5000 should prove to be a nice value investment.

Nick Folk, K, NYJ $4600

Sometimes you just want a MNF player to keep it interesting. And I also see the Jets moving the ball consistently against the Colts defense. Folk should have ample chance for 2-4 FG's and a few PAT's.

Tennessee Titans, DST $4600

Usually I don't want away teams for DST, but similar to last week against Jameis Winston, I think the Titans D capitalizes on Johnny Football's mistakes. Manziel will have some flash plays, but he will also turn the ball over and take sacks.  The odds of a TD are higher when the opposing team has a wreckless QB.