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2016 Pro Football Hall of Fame: Is Tiki Barber a Hall of Famer?

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Former Giants' running back Tiki Barber has been nominated for the Pro Football Hall of Fame's 2016 class. Should he be voted in?

Chris McGrath/Getty Images

The Pro Football Hall of Fame has their preliminary nominations of modern era football players for the 2016 enshrinement class.

Of special note to New York Giants fans is the inclusion of former Giants' running back, Tiki Barber. Barber occupies an interesting place in Giants history. On one hand, he is arguably the greatest running back the Giants organization has ever had. On the other hand, Barber is also one of the most divisive players the Giants have ever had.

Barber owns four of the Giants' top five season rushing totals, including the current top of 1,860 yards. Barber is also the Giants' career rushing leader, his 10,449 rushing total is nearly 3,600 more than Rodney Hampton in second, as well as the franchise's second-most prolific scorer with 55 touchdowns.

But that all came to an ugly end when Barber announced his plans to retire after the 2006 season, a year which turned out to be the second best of his career. The rift between the Giants and the former Giant was further widened when Barber attacked Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning in the summer before the 2007 season, and he has further criticized -- though less frequently offered positive critiques -- the team in the years since.

This is not Tiki's first time on the Hall of Fame ballot, he was first nominated in 2013 for the 2014 Hall of Fame class. This year Barber will be vying with first ballot players such as Brett Favre, Terrell Owens, Clinton Portis, and Brian Westbrook, as well as players like Kurt Warner, Phil Simms, Mark Bavaro, and Tedy Bruschi who are still waiting to get into the Hall.

So Giants fans, do you think Tiki Barber is a hall of fame running back?