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NFL picks against the spread: Week 2

What does Jesse's crystal ball say this week?

Peyton Manning and the Broncos face the Chiefs Thursday night
Peyton Manning and the Broncos face the Chiefs Thursday night
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

First week wasn't too bad. I'm always nervous about it because the first couple of weeks feels like throwing darts at a dartboard. What will teams be in the season? who knows there is no real evidence. But I started the season with a winning week, sp let's see how this week goes.

Record against the spread: 9-6-1

Denver Broncos (+3) at Kansas City Chiefs

People are talking about Peyton Manning like he's done, and while the front seven of the Chiefs gives me a lot of pause and could make this a real tough game I can't go against Peyton here getting points in prime time.

Pick: Broncos win outright

Houston Texans (+3) at Carolina Panthers

I don't trust either of these teams, but I think the Texans are the more talented team.

Pick: Texans win outright

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+10) at New Orleans Saints

Jameis Winston professional debut was about as successful as well, Eli Manning's. I don't know it if it'll be monumentally better this week, but I expect the Buccaneers to do a much better job of controlling the tempo of the game feeding Doug Martin.

Pick: Buccaneers lose by less than 10

San Francisco 49ers (+6) at Pittsburgh Steelers

I thought the 49ers might come out inspired after spending an entire summer listening to how terrible their offseason was historically and they looked pretty good, now it could all be a mirage, but so are the Steelers. The Steelers defense could let anybody score, and the 49ers are anybody. I don't expect an upset, but this could be closer than people think.

Pick: 49ers lose by less than 6

New England (-1) at Buffalo Bills

Rex Ryan played the Patriots tough when he was with the Jets and now I expect more of the same here. The Bills might have the best defense in the league and now have exciting weapons on offense. Sammy Watkins put up an absolute clunker in Week 1, but I expect a better showing here. The Bills are a legitimately good team and Tom Brady has an absurd record against them. At some point he has to lose as a game to them, doesn't he?

Pick: Let's go Buffalo!

Arizona Cardinals (-1) at Chicago Bears

I trust Jay Cutler about as much as I trust Eli Manning with math (yuck yuck yuck). The Cardinals are the better team and even though they have the dreaded 1 p.m. ET start time I think Bruce Arinas is one of the best coaches in the league and will help them overcome that.

Pick: Cardinals

Tennessee Titans (-1) at Cleveland Browns

The Titans put a whooping on the Buccaneers last week. Meanwhile, the Browns are the Browns.

Pick: Titans

St. Louis Rams (-3.5) at Washington Redskins

I pegged the Rams as a surprise team last week, but this is Week 2 and I don't yet have any rational analysis for any of these games if we're being honest.

Pick: Redskins pull the minor upset

Atlanta Falcons (+2.5) at New York Giants

The Giants scored what were basically two defensive touchdowns and had to literally take a knee to beat a Cowboys team that overmatched them, and they still managed to lose the game. This is an impressive feat that could not be accomplished by many other teams in the league. It takes a uniquely talented, and by uniquely talented I mean unfocused and clueless group to accomplish this feat. I'm not sure if Coughlin and Mcadoo were watching the Miss America pageant when this was going down, or couldn't see what was going on in the world's biggest television screen, but somehow, someway they were able to lose that game.

The joys of being a Giants fan.

This week no one should feel confident that they will manage a victory, but be prepared it's coming. The Falcons can't block anyone and I think Spags can dial up enough pressure to give the Falcons some problems. On defense, the Falcons are not a formidable opponent and there are plays to be made hopefully by Odell Beckham Jr. I haven't seen any new commercials this week so maybe he's in the playbook -- I tease, but seriously let's make some plays this week. Home opener, tons of controversy, let's see if the Giants can rally and put up an inspired performance and if not well there's only 14 more disappointing weeks to go left in the season after this one!

Pick: Giants

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Remember to make your own Giants-Falcons pick. Click "View Blog Standings" and you'll see BBV is in first place after Week 1, having gotten closest to the actual final score. Keep it going, gang!]

Baltimore Ravens (-6) at Oakland Raiders

The Raiders are terrible. The Ravens really need this game. Starting 0-2 does not generally end well in the NFL End of analysis.

Pick: Ravens

Miami Dolphins (-6) at Jacksonville Jaguars

I don't know why I expect the Jaguars to be a decent team this year, but I"m still holding out hope. I think Blake Bortles will bounce back after a pedestrian first week.

Pick: Jaguars cover, but lose

Dallas Cowboys (+5) at Philadelphia Eagles

The good news about the first week of the NFL season was that both the Eagles and Cowboys looked like very beatable teams. I'm not sure what the Eagles are yet after spending the last two years jettisoning all of their talented players to rely on their system. The Cowboys, I know, have a terrific offensive line and a terrific quarterback. They won't have Dez Bryant, but I think they are the better team.

Pick: Cowboys

Seattle Seahawks (+3.5) at Green Bay Packers

I think the Seahawks have a more talented roster than Green Bay from top to bottom. I think they need this game after a bad Week 1 loss. I'm surprised they are more than a field goal underdogs. What does Vegas know that I don't?

Pick: Seahawks win outright

New York Jets (+7) at Indianapolis Colts

The Colts didn't look very good against the Bills because they couldn't afford their quarterback with any time to throw. This week their fortunes (all right, I'll do it their "Luck") won't change because the one thing the Jets have is a talented front 7. I think they will be able to pull out the victory, at home, but I won't be surprised if the Jets keep it too close to comfort.

Pick: Jets cover, Colts win