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Time to look ahead, stop torturing yourself about last Sunday

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Alex wrote in his "Blue Data" post that "There were tears all over my keyboard" as he was trying to write the post.

Shortly after the New York Giants bungled Sunday's game against the Dallas Cowboys Keane messaged me that he was "crying right now."

The comments here at Big Blue View and the @BigBlueView Twitter timelines are still full of vitriol for coach Tom Coughlin, quarterback Eli Manning and wide receiver Preston Parker. Perhaps the only person connected to the Giants who could be happy about all this furor is Markus Kuhn, about whom nary a complaint has been uttered in several days.

Why does football do this to people? Why can the result of one football game, a little 'ole regular season game at that, send people into such an emotional tizzy for days on end?

I will make an admission. Perhaps I don't get it simply because a sporting event has never done that to me in my 55 years on the planet. I understand rooting. I understand wanting the team you root for to win. I understand being happy or sad at the outcome of an event, especially an important one.

I don't understand how an event that a person is not involved in, that doesn't change for better or worse your daily life in any significant way, that really has no meaningful impact on the quality of your existence, can send someone into a funk that lasts for days.

At the heart of all of this, I guess what I'm saying is it's time stop all the whining/complaining/moaning/kvetching, whatever you want to call it, and all of the calls for Parker to be banished from the earth and Coughlin to be fired immediately. It's time to move on.

Bottom line is the Giants lost a game they were expected to lose. They should have won it, they had it in their grasp and screwed it up. We know that. They know that. What happened should not have happened. But it did. There is no changing it now. In the end, it was just a football game that didn't turn out the way Giants fans wanted it to.

It is absolutely possible that at the end of the season the Giants will look back on Week 1 and realize they gave away their season before it ever got started. It is also possible that rather than fracture and destroy them, the loss galvanizes them and they still end up having an outstanding season. We don't know.

It is, however, time to let go of what happened Sunday. What's done is done. As Coughlin said in his Wednesday presser "We're on to Atlanta."

Giants' fans need to follow Coughlin's lead. Let's move on.