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Giants news: Criticism for Sunday night debacle continues

New York Giants news for 9/16.

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Good morning New York Giants fans! Here are your news updates for this Tuesday morning.

Pundits blast coaching staff

It seems everywhere you look there's some person on television or on the internet criticizing the New York Giants coaching staff after their decision making lost them the game against the Dallas Cowboys. Rich Gannon, on the NFL Monday QB show, puts it the best.

"The more (the Giants) say (about their decision making in the game), the worse they look." He points to poor communication from Tom Coughlin, Ben McAdoo and Eli Manning.

"You lose games in the NFL because of a breakdown in communication," Gannon said. "It starts with Tom Coughlin to Ben McAdoo. And when Ben McAdoo calls a play into Eli Manning, he has to tell him the situation. Even though he is Eli Manning and he has won Super Bowls, you have to make sure that information gets conveyed to the quarterback."

Steve Beuerlein also adds that communication between the head coach, coordinators and players have to be spot on, which wasn't the case on Sunday night.

"You blame Eli Manning. You blame Ben McAdoo and you blame Tom Coughlin," Beuerlein said. "Whether you want to run the ball or not, that’s debatable. You probably should have run it, but if you call a pass, the quarterback has to know to take a knee. Eli is paid $84 million. He should know to take a knee. If he doesn’t, Ben McAdoo should have made sure he knows. And Tom Coughlin should have made sure Ben McAdoo knew. The whole chain got screwed up."

Did Odell Beckham Jr. suffer a concussion?

Bart Hubbuch and Howie Kussoy of the New York Post discuss whether or not Odell Beckham Jr. suffered through a concussion after a brutal hit by J.J. Wilcox.

The NFL could have another concussion controversy on its hands this week. Giants star Odell Beckham Jr. was able to stay in Sunday night’s game against the Cowboys despite taking a huge hit in the first quarter that appeared to leave him wobbly. Beckham was leveled by Cowboys safety J.J. Wilcox on a throw over the middle with 2:42 left in the first quarter of the Giants’ 27-26 loss, held his arms out in disoriented fashion and then stumbled groggily to the Giants’ bench.

They argue that the Giants didn't do a throughout checkup as Beckham didn't go to the locker room for any tests. They did, however, concede that the Giants have checked him out on the sidelines after the hit.

The Giants said Monday that two physicians checked Beckham on the sidelined and determined there was no signs of a concussion.

Ereck Flowers injury update

Ereck Flowers wasn't perfect on the blind side but he was  impressive for a rookie on Sunday night. Even more impressively, he did this on an injured ankle.

"They’re doing the usual number of MRI’s etc., etc," Coughlin said. "I don’t have any information in front of me about that. He did injure the ankle early on and he gutted it out and finished the game. But today is a different day."

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