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Giants news, 9/13: Hand could sideline Pierre-Paul for entire season, per report

New York Giants headlines for Sunday, 9/13.

Jason Pierre-Paul
Jason Pierre-Paul
Al Bello/Getty Images

Good morning, New York Giants fans! The 2015 NFL season is here, and this is your first game day for the Giants as they face the Dallas Cowboys. Check our Giants-Cowboys Hub Page for our full week of coverage, and our Giants-Cowboys StoryStream for your game day information. in the meantime, here are some headlines to help you while away some of the time.

Giants fear JPP might not play in 2015

ESPN's Dan Graziano offers bad news for anyone hoping Jason Pierre-Paul might ride in and help save the Giants defense at some point in 2015. There is a chance he might not play at all this season:

The New York Giants feel the damage to Jason Pierre-Paul's right hand is worse than they were led to believe, sources said, and after the team got a chance to examine him on Monday, there are people in the organization who fear he might not be able to return to the field at all this year.

One source said that, in addition to the missing right index finger, fractured thumb and skin grafts -- injuries suffered in a July 4 fireworks accident -- a portion of one of the other fingers on Pierre-Paul's right hand is missing.

Odell Beckham wants to be a Hall of Famer

The Giants' second-year wide receiver has a lofty goal, and getting there will require bringing the Giants back to prominence:

"That’s everything for me: not just wanting to be great, but chasing greatness," Beckham told The Record in a recent interview. "Anybody can say they want to be good, and if you’re athletic enough, and you put in the work, you can be very good. For me, it’s about being above and beyond that. It’s only my second year in the league, but everybody should have the same mind-set: I want to be in the Hall of Fame. You want to be able to stand up there at the end of your career, and be able to put on the gold jacket, have [Vince] Lombardi trophies, and memories and a legacy that will last way beyond your lifetime."

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