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Big Blue View Mailbag: Overflowing with middle linebacker questions

One last BBV Mailbag before the Giants begin playing games that count.

Uani' Unga
Uani' Unga
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

One more day until New York Giants football. Real regular-season football. Let's spend some of that time checking out what is in the Big Blue View Mailbag this week. A hint: middle linebacker is a popular topic.

Ed says: Thanks for the question, William! Better option? I think that's going way too far. Even if Jon Beason didn't have a knee injury, Unga would be the more athletic player and the guy better suited for pass coverage, and nickel situations. That doesn't mean he is the better option or better player. He has never played a down in a real NFL game, he want undrafted and because of his own injury history he did not play last year.

Unga could be a really good player, but we don't know. He's never made calls in an NFL game, never lined up across from a guy like Tony Romo. His athleticism will be a bonus, but Beason's experience and leadership can't be discounted.

Ed says: Thanks, Duffy! I couldn't tell you exactly which players the Giants will pick up, but I'm pretty sure there will be an addition or two. There almost always are. Offensive line is an obvious area because the Giants are carrying only eight guys there and that isn't enough. Cornerback is another area where they could use a veteran player as a reserve.

J.M. Scott asks (via e-mail): The Giants have not won a season opener since 2010. How important will it be to win in Dallas on Sept 13, and start this season with some momentum?

Ed says: Thanks for the question, J.M.! I think it would be terrific for the Giants to do that. Not all the players on the roster were with the Giants the past two years, but enough were that you don't want the feeling that losing is inevitable to seep in. The Giants play three times in the season's first 11 days. It would be really nice to come out of that stretch with a 2-1 record. I would think the team would feel good about itself if it can accomplish that.

Ed says: Thanks for the question, Dave! I know you are referring to Jameel McClain, and here is my take. I think the Giants weren't that impressed with McClain last season. He had 116 tackles, but did he make any impact plays? No, he just piled up tackles on a bad team. I think also that the Giants were very impressed with Unga. Also, McClain has an injury history of his own after missing and extended stretch in Baltimore with a spine injury. Perhaps the neck injury McClain suffered this summer weighed into the Giants' thinking, maybe convincing them they weren't sure McClain was healthy, either. If the choice came down to McClain and Mark Herzlich, the fact that Herzlich is a key special teams player had to be a deciding factor. I was surprised they let McClain go, to be honest, but if they think Unga is better, so be it.