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Victor Cruz (calf) ruled out of Thursday preseason game

That news was expected. Here is more from Tom Coughlin's Tuesday media briefing

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz has been ruled out of Thursday's preseason finale against the New England Patriots. Head coach Tom Coughlin confirmed that news on Tuesday. Here are some of the other takeaways from Coughlin's meeting with the media.

On watching the backups play the majority of the game Thursday ...

"I am very interested in that, how they handle that, the situation. Some of the roster spots are definitely—decisions have to be made. It's spelled opportunity. When you get a chance to play like this -- have a game in which you can amass 60 snaps or something along those lines, plus special teams, would be a good thing."

On progress being made by middle linebacker Jon Beason ...

"He feels better. Yeah, he feels better. He's got a routine now, and they get a little bit more aggressive each day with it. So he's optimistic, let's put it that way. ... Whatever they tell me. I'm the eternal optimist."

On punter Steve Weatherford's performance thus far ...

"Well, you know what we're always after is directional, hang time, distance, location, hang, and the opportunity to put us in the best position from a coverage standpoint. Basically for me, it's always been put it outside the numbers.

"He's been off and on. He's had some good ones and he's had some that aren't so good."

On what he's looking for from newly-acquired Stevie Brown ...

"I'm looking for him to play. I'd like to see the Stevie Brown we had the year he had, what, (eight) interceptions or whatever that was. That's what I'd like to see and that's what we're trying to get a feel for -- where he is with his game and just see him play. Just put him in that position and see what happens."