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Jets 28, Giants 18: Things we learned about the offense

There were some positive signs from the offense Saturday, just not enough of them.

Shane Vereen with the ball Saturday vs. the Jets
Shane Vereen with the ball Saturday vs. the Jets
Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Let's turn our focus strictly to the New York Giants' offense and see what we can take away from Saturday night's performance in a 28-18 loss to the New York Jets.

Eli and crew remember where the end zone is

A 14-play, 85-yard drive in the second quarter showed that.

"That's just the way it's supposed to be done," said quarterback Eli Manning.

The Giants ran the ball eight times on the drive, with Rashad Jennings going for back-to-back gains of 12 and 6 yards. The Giants got a nice push in the middle on Jennings' 1-yard touchdown run.

It might be significant that Geoff Schwartz was at right guard during that series.

"We ran the ball," Schwartz said. "It's very important in an offense. When you run the ball successfully, the passing game opens up. It's not a surprise. So I think we just hunkered down there and ran the ball well. We need to continue doing that. It needs to be part of our offense. Going forward, when we get out there next week, and Week 1, we need to start running the ball. However that happens, we've got to make it happen."

Speaking of Schwartz

The veteran split time with John Jerry at right guard. He didn't spend any time at right tackle. Best guess is that Schwartz finally showed enough to surpass Jerry and regain the starting right guard spot.

Eli will always have Eli moments

You know what those are. Moments like throwing a Pick 6 on a short pass in the middle of the field with the clock running out, no timeouts, and no hope of getting anything done if you complete the pass anyway. That is what happened at the end of Saturday's first half when Manning tried to hit James Jones and instead found Antonio Cromartie for a 59-yard Jets' touchdown.

Manning was pretty terse when asked about it following the game.

"Cromartie made a play and we will learn from it," Manning said.

Wide receiver competition

Despite fumbling when he had the ball stripped from him and being the intended target on Manning's Pick 6, James Jones probably solidified a roster spot. Or, maybe Corey Washington simply didn't do enough to press him for one. That's because Washington didn't do anything. He was targeted once and couldn't hold the ball.

Tight end jumble

I don't know if it should ultimately cost Daniel Fells or Adrien Robinson a roster spot, but the Giants need to find a way to keep Jerome Cunningham. A practice squad player last year, Cunningham is making the plays this preseason that Larry Donnell made last year. During the telecast on Saturday, Carl Banks even praised his blocking.

I'll be bummed if Bobby Hart is badly hurt

One report said Hart injured a knee Saturday. Another said he injured an ankle. We will find out for sure soon enough. Either way, it will be unfortunate if the seventh-round pick has sustained a significant injury. He really is a developmental player who isn't going to figure significantly into the Giants' plans this year, but that development will be stunted by a season in injured reserve.

About Dwayne Harris as a receiver

Harris is a terrific return man and all-around special teams player. He is a willing and able blocker on running plays. He does not, however, appear to be a dynamic wide receiver. He was targeted three times Saturday and had one 9-yard catch. He seems to be OK receiver who catches what is thrown to him, but he isn't anything special.

Shane Vereen's value

Did you notice that the Giants ran at least one successful screen pass to Vereen? And that they were able to dump him the ball a couple of other times for positive yardage? That is why Vereen is a Giant.

Final Thoughts

The offense simply has to get better, and be more consistent. Saturday's rough night for Justin Pugh didn't help. Eli's Pick 6 is the kind of play that can kill games, and seasons. A 12-year veteran quarterback just can't make that decision. Some good things with a few nice runs and perhaps the emergence of Schwartz as a factor on the line. Let's see if the Giants will look better once they get Rueben Randle healthier and get Victor Cruz back on the field.