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Post-Game Quotebook: Giants react to loss of 'Snoopy Bowl'

The Giants react after the starters struggled to a loss against the New York Jets.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The 'Snoopy Bowl' ended with a 28-18 oss to the New York Jets by the New York Giants. There were some upsides with the starters that included a long 85 yard drive by the offense. However there were plenty of negatives that caught the ire of Tom Coughlin.

"Not real complicated, we had six penalties in the first half. We kind of broke our play up, I thought. You know, we had an interception for a touchdown. We had a punt return for a touchdown. We were backed up and punted from the one after a sack. We couldn’t run the ball with any consistency. I thought they ran the ball well, not just in the second half, but they did basically with it what they happened to do there. So I mean, as I said, you give two scores away like that and it’s going to be most difficult to win in this league any time."

Even though the starters had their struggles, Coughlin didn't forget about their impressive scoring drive.

"Oh, I liked the drive. I thought the drive was outstanding. I thought there were big plays made. There was consistency in terms of picking up first downs when we had to and we had a couple of penaltie, but that was a good drive, a good football drive and it really was encouraging for me. I thought we would come right back out, but this one was the two-minute drill. You know we had the ball twice in the two-minute. I thought for sure that this was a great opportunity for us, not only to work on the two-minute, but to be in a game situation while we’re doing it. So I was disappointed."

Coughlin tried to explain what went right in that drive in opposed to most of the other drives in which the offense looked flat.

"Other than the fact we converted some first downs. There weren’t a lot of long chunks. We converted some first downs and kept the play alive. We executed well. We came back in the two-minute and didn’t."

In a defensive update, Coughlin gives insight to a broken play in which the Jets scored an easy touchdown off a screen pass.

"Yeah, it was a mistake. There was nobody. Whoever was supposed to be responsible was not there. There was no coverage on the screen."

On the injury front, Robert Ayers was hurt during warmups which irked Coughlin.

"I really don’t know. He’s out there pregame and all of a sudden he’s on the ground and complaining about his ankle and his Achilles and whatever. That was two minutes before we came into the locker rooms prior to going out and starting the game. I’m not sure what they left with. I don’t know any more. He couldn’t play in the game. I’ll have to find out more information."