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Jerry Reese talks to Jason Pierre-Paul: "We had a great conversation"

Jerry Reese has finally made contact with the Giants' defensive end.

Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

One of the major story lines -- distractions -- for the New York Giants as they build up to the 2015 season has been the injury suffered by Probowl and All-Pro defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul on July 4th.

The biggest concern for the Giants has been Pierre-Paul's health, how his injured hand is cared for, healing, and will effect his quality of life. Secondary to that is how it the injured hand will effect his ability to play defensive end. But complicating all that is the timing. Though the GIants have used the franchise tag on JPP, he has yet to sign it. Because of that, he has been under no obligation to talk to the Giants, or allow them to examine his injured hand.

His reluctance to talk to the Giants front office, medical staff, coaches, and even some teammates has been a source of extreme frustration for the franchise as a whole. Not only do they have a major question mark on their defensive line as they install a new defense, but the face relentless questions from the media at every opportunity. Questions for which they have had no answers.

However, Monday morning John Mara revealed on WFAN that Jason Pierre-Paul had been in touch with Jerry Reese the day before. It was what Reese would later characterize as a "great conversation." Reese wouldn't expand much on what the two talked about, only saying that they had a "personal conversation", but reiterated several times that it was a great conversation.

As of now, Reese wouldn't set a time table for Pierre-Paul to return to the team, but also added that they Giant's aren't upset -- or 'Pissed' as Reese put it-- with JPP's lack of communication after the injury. Reese did say that he has been in contact with Pierre-Paul's camp as well as the player.

John Mara also said that Ronnie Barnes, the Giants' head trainer, has been in contact with JPP as well.

It's not much, or at least they aren't saying much, but opening the lines of communication is an important first step.

UPDATE: ESPN's Dan Graziano offered this bit of information via Twitter: