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Jets: 21, Giants: 7 - Second half open thread

A mixed bag for the Giants in the first half, use this thread to discuss the second half.

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

The first half of the Snoopy Bowl is in the books.

For the New York Giants the half ended on a sour note as Eli Manning threw a pick 6 when Antonio Cromartie stepped in front of James Jones.

It was a tale of two offenses for the Giants. The starting offense sputtered, often following positive plays with drive-killing penalties. However there were also signs of brilliance, as the Jets' defense was often helpless to stop the Giants' offense when Geoff Schwartz took over the right guard position at the start of the second quarter. With a rejuvinated running game and time for Eli Manning in the pocket, the passing game finally seemed to get into rhythm and Eli completed nine passes in a row, though the incomplete pass that broke the streak was caused by a defensive pass interference on Adrien Robinson.

The defense struggled to defend the Jets' running game, but settled down on their second defensive series. The defense still showed some breakdowns in discipline, communication, and poor tackling that lead to several big plays by the Jets, but they also generated pressure and made several good stops.

The Giants will get the ball to start the second half. Use this as your new open thread, and we'll be back with any news that breaks over the course of the game, and, of course the post-game coverage.