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Giants questions: Big Blue View mailbag tries to answer them

What is on your mind this week?

Ereck Flowers
Ereck Flowers
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Let's open the Big Blue View mailbag for the first time in a couple of weeks and see what faithful New York Giants fans are wondering about.

Ed says: Thanks for the question, Rich! I think this is the ideal scenario, and it is actually my guess as to how this plays out. Many Giants fans are in a complete state of panic about the right side of the offensive line, but they really shouldn't be. Will Beatty will be gone, most likely, for eight games. That's half the season. Geoff Schwartz, John Jerry and Marshall Newhouse are not stars, but between the three of them my guess is they can get the job done for half the season on the right side. If the Giants disagree, they will go out and add someone once roster cuts are made. So, I wouldn't panic about the offensive line. It's in better shape than people think.

Will asks (via e-mail):

If Collins can indeed play FS and the Seahawks indeed end Kam Chancellor's holdout with a trade, would Kam be an option for the Giants? Can they find money somehow to pay him? *cough* JPP *cough*

Ed says: I seriously doubt it. First of all, I would be stunned if the Seahawks traded Chancellor. Secondly, they aren't going to give him away for a seventh-round pick. They would probably want a No. 1 and a player. They might not get that much, but the point is the price would be really high. Probably too high for the Giants.

John M. Scott asks (via e-mail):

The Giants have not won a season opener since 2010. How important will it be to win in Dallas on Sept 13, and start this season with some momentum?

Ed says: I think it would be huge. Coming off two losing seasons in a row and with all the negativity (real or imagined) floating around because of the injury situation getting off to a good start would be a great confidence booster.

Ed says: I think that's impossible to answer without seeing who is available. They could look at safety, corner, offensive line. Maybe even somewhere else. It all depends on who is available. Also, remember that these guys will be free agents and have choices, so just because the Giants may be interested in a certain player doesn't mean they will get him.

Ed says: That is certainly possible, but I think we have to see how the season unfolds. If, for example, the Giants go 9-7 or 10-6 and miss the playoffs it might be hard to justify blowing the whole thing up. In that scenario you could make the argument that they showed progress, are going in the right direction and blowing it up would be a mistake. What if, God forbid, Eli Manning gets hurt, misses most of the season and the Giants win four games? How do you make Tom Coughlin the fall guy for that? Let's just see how things develop.