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Giant questions: Big Blue View mailbag reveals plenty of them

What questions do Giants fans have this week?

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

With your New York Giants set to face the Jacksonville Jaguars Saturday night at MetLife Stadium let's open the Big Blue View mailbag and see what is on your mind this week.Our questions this week come from our Facebook followers.

Andrew Flowers asks:

Will Corey Washington have a significant role in the offense this year? Who are the Giants looking at for 3rd slot receiver?

Ed says: Thanks for the question, Andrew. Washington needs to worry about making the team, period, not what his role will be. Given some of the recent comments he has made, he seems to realize that. Four receivers are locks -- Odell Beckham, Victor Cruz, Rueben Randle and Dwayne Harris. There are probably two more spots, and right now I think rookie Geremy Davis and veteran James Jones have the inside track on those. Davis because of special teams, and Jones because of eight seasons of quality production in the NFL and a history of working with Ben McAdoo from their years together in Green Bay. As for third slot slot receiver, your Big Three are Beckham, Cruz, Randle.

John Hester asks:

Do you think Eli is a first ballot hof? Any other potential hof on the current roster?

Ed says: Thanks, John. Now to get myself in trouble. As of today, no I don't think Manning is a first ballot Hall of Famer. He might not be a Hall of Famer at all. His career, though, is far from over. There are a lot of chapters to be written. Let's see where it all ends up. Let's see how the careers of guys like Odell Beckham or Victor Cruz unfold before I answer the second part of that question.

Kevin Lafaso asks:

At what point if any do the Giants think about withdrawing Jpps tag?

Ed says: Certainly not now. They won't do a thing until they actually see Jason Pierre-Paul, get to examine his hand and see exactly what they are dealing with. I doubt they will remove the tag at all. There certainly aren't free agents they could spend the money on rightnow. And please, don't suggest spending $7 million or so on a 34-year-old Evan Mathis. That is not happening.

Herman Crandle asks:

Why aren't the Gmen bringing in more Oline prospects?It's obvious a serious issue,it wont matter how many offensive weapons Eli can't throw from his back! With the JPP issue there should be enough cash to make some moves so why not?

Ed says: Thanks for the question, Herman. Who would you have them bring in? As I said above, Mathis is not happening. He's 34, he wants an extraordinary amount of money and the Giants obviously want to leave Justin Pugh at guard. Whether fans like that decision or not, that is what they want to do. They need a tackle, if they bring in anybody. They have had Jake Long in twice. If he was healthy enough to play right now, he would have been signed already. Other than those two names, there is very little available. If the Giants want help the best bet is to wait until roster cuts are made over the next couple of weeks and see if any starting-caliber tackles shake loose.

Jose Mendez asks:

Do you think there is any chance we get aldon smith

Ed says: Well, there is always a chance. The Giants look into every possibility. Thing is, why would you do that? He's obviously troubled, which makes him trouble. And it seems almost certain he won't play in the NFL this season. So, what good would it do?

Daniel Badillo asks:

Ed, at this point in the preseason, which DE do you feel has proved himself the most to be the "starting" DE opposite of JPP? Assuming it won't be an even rotational committee.

Ed says: Thanks, Daniel. So, you're assuming that Pierre-Paul is going to be playing -- and starting -- for the Giants. That's a big assumption, based on pretty much zero evidence. Make that based on absolutely no evidence. Nobody knows if JPP is going to even play a snap this year. Until he shows up and let's the Giants look at him we can't know. As for DE, it's going to be a committee. Kerry Wynn, Damontre Moore, George Selvie, Robert Ayers and Owamagbe Odighizuwa all bring some skills to the table. They will all get their chances -- whether JPP is there or not.

Tim Meehan asks:

Is anyone making a strong case for taking Randle's job before week 1?

Ed says: Thanks, Tim. I didn't know Randle's job was available. The guy caught more than 70 passes a year ago. The only way Randle is not one of the Giants' top three wide receivers this season is if the knee tendinitis that has been keeping him on the sidelines recently becomes a long-term issue and causes him to miss games. If Randle is healthy no one is replacing him.

El O Him asks:

How does a new DC integrate his system with assistants from a previous staff who don't know his scheme? Does he coach the coaches first?

Ed says: Good question. The CBA prevents players and coaches from working together except during approved times. Coaches can work together as much as they want, and the defensive coach began working with Spags as soon as he was hired. Yes, the coaches have to learn the playbook, learn the terminology and learn which techniques the coordinator wants to emphasize. They generally know all of these things, they just have to become familiar with what the coordinator wants them to teach.