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Cowboys sign defensive tackle Carlif Taylor

The former Giant is now a Cowboy

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The preseason roster churn keeps turning.

Friday afternoon the Dallas Cowboys announced that they signed defensive tackle Carliff Taylor after working him out earlier in the day.

The New York Giants had originally signed Taylor as an undrafted free agent out of Southern Connecticut earlier in the offseason.

The athletic and infectiously upbeat rookie quickly captured the attention of the local media. After hearing his story and seeing his attitude, as well as hearing tales of his upside, some fans began to root for him as a potential under-the-radar candidate to  force his way on to the Giants' roster.

The Giants, however felt differently. Taylor was waived earlier this week when the Giants put in a waiver claim on former Seahawks' defensive tackle Jimmy Staten.

Following DeMarco Murray's departure the Cowboys have been looking for answers to help shore up a defense that had it's deficiencies masked by the running back. Perhaps Taylor can stick with the second team of his young NFL career.