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Giants news: Bengals veterans not optimistic about ending fights

New York Giants headlines for 8/10.

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Good morning New York Giants fans! Here are your headlines for this Tuesday morning.

Bengals players on training camp fights

The New York Giants are trying something new this training camp by holding joint practices with the Cincinnati Bengals. While Tom Coughlin and Bengals' head coach Marvin Lewis have talked and agreed they don't want to see fights, Bengals players think they might be unavoidable.

As much as the two head coaches may want to prevent fights from breaking out, some Bengals believe it's impossible to think one may not occur.

"Things happen, you can’t prevent everything," linebacker A.J. Hawk said Monday. "Every year when teams practice together like that, things seem to go on."

According to longtime Bengals offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth, the best way to at least limit potential melees like the ones in Virginia on Saturday will be for players from both teams to show mutual respect during heated moments when actions could be misinterpreted.

"If I've got a guy in a situation where I've won the block or if he's won against me and we're about to go over the top of people or fall over each other, you'd want the respect to know that you're going to hold up and stop," Whitworth said. "That's really the tough part."

Rashad Jennings: "Everyone can be a starter"

The Giants have three solid running backs on the roster yet no clear cut starter. Many believe that the Giants will use a running back by committee approach this year. Rashad Jennings was available for an interview with Bleacher Report and spoke of a variety of topics which include Jason Pierre-Paul, his nutrition and of course the state of the running backs.

We’ve got a good group of runners in the backfield. I think everyone can be a starter. That’s something I challenged everybody to prepare for. I told Dre (Andre Williams) last year, "Hey Dre, going into this offseason, I want you to come in thinking you’re the starter. That’s the way I want you to train." I think it’s healthy and good for him to get a taste because we’re going to need everybody to go to the championship like we want. Last year was great for his confidence, great to get his feet wet. I was there trying to coach him up the whole way.

Training Camp Updates

The first official 53-man depth chart has been released with a couple of surprises.

Several Giants did not make the trip to Cincinnati for the joint practices. The good news though? Injured Giants such as Victor Cruz, Prince Amukamara and Bennett Jackson have all made the trip.

Ed evaluates how the rookie class is faring so far during this training camp.

Eli Manning tells a humorous story of one of his center's emitting a strong "odor."

Around the league

Several teams around the league have been using virtual reality technology in training camp. The New York Jets have been using it for their quarterbacks. Other teams using this technology include the Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots, Arizona Cardinals, San Francisco 49ers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Minnesota Vikings.

Sports Illustrated evaluates the top 10 secondaries in the league.

Philadelphia Eagles fans didn't like a plane carrying a banner funded by Cowboys fans during a ceremony to honor military veterans.

The Eagles sixth-round pick, JaCorey Shepherd tore his ACL during practice. Analysts wonder how their depleted secondary depth will look once the season starts.