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Jason Pierre-Paul injury: Giants' DE apparently had finger amputated

Pierre-Paul still not communicating with team, or teammates.

Jason Pierre-Paul
Jason Pierre-Paul
Al Bello/Getty Images

UPDATE 7:43 P.M.: Pro Football Talk is now reporting that a lawsuit is possible due to the leaking of Jason Pierre-Paul's medical records. My take is that everybody needs to calm down until we find out whether or not Pierre-Paul authorized the release of the records.

UPDATE 7:25 p.m. ET: Jason Pierre-Paul apparently had his right index finger amputated following his Fourth of July fireworks accident, according to medical records apparently obtained by ESPN's Adam Schefter.

Schefter also tweeted that medical sources believe Pierre-Paul could play "sooner than people think." reporter Ian Rapoport tweeted that the decision to amputate was Pierre-Paul's. Rapoport also tweeted this:

Jordan Ranaan of NJ Advance Media reported that the Giants did not know about the amputation until seeing the report from Schefter.


You didn't think you were going to get through the day without the confounding Jason Pierre-Paul story taking at least one more strange twist, did you? Well, you were right. It has, in fact, taken two twists. According to reports, Pierre-Paul is not responding to teammates who have reached out to him, and he has also refused an offer of medical help from the New York Giants.

We knew from earlier reports on Wednesday that Giants officials had left South Florida, where they had been since Monday night, without ever getting access to Pierre-Paul, who injured his hands in a Fourth of July fireworks mishap. Now, Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports is reporting that the Giants offered Pierre-Paul medical assistance and were rebuffed.

Garafolo said such an offer from the Giants would likely include moving Pierre-Paul to the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan, where Giants players are often treated. Garafolo also wrote that the Giants were turned away in their efforts to see Pierre-Paul because he "isn't interested in seeing anyone right now."

He also apparently is not interested in corresponding with any of his Giants teammates. Jordan Ranaan reported that "more than a handful" of players have reached out to Pierre-Paul without success.