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'Big Blue Chat' podcast, episode 20: Jason Pierre-Paul edition

Pat Traina and I talk about Jason Pierre-Paul.

The latest edition of the 'Big Blue Chat' podcast, with Pat Traina (Inside Football/Bleacher Report) and yours truly is now available for download. This one, as you might expect, is devoted entirely to Jason Pierre-Paul and the fallout from the hand injuries he suffered in a Fourth of July fireworks accident.

The story with Pierre-Paul is fluid, largely because all of the information is not available. Pierre-Paul is in Florida, he isn't under the care of Giants team doctors, and there are likely limitations on what the Giants can and connot do in this circumstance.

The latest info is that Pierre-Paul has suffered injuries to both hands -- the extent of which is still unclear. One Florida police department has opened and closed an investigation because it has no jurisdiction. More info will be forthcoming, and we will do our best to bring it to you and explain what it means.

In the meantime, give the podcast a listen.