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Jason Pierre-Paul injury update: ESPN says JPP could miss regular-season games

You sort of knew this was coming, but we know you didn't want to hear it.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Still no official word from the New York Giants about the severity of the hand injury suffered by Jason Pierre-Paul in a fireworks accident on Saturday. Adam Schefter of ESPN is reporting, however, that there is "concern" the Giants' best defensive end could miss regular-season games.

Jason Cole of Bleacher Report reported that it is a "virtual guarantee" the Giants will put Pierre-Paul on the non-football injury list. The Giants used the $14.8 million franchise tag on Pierre-Paul, which he has not signed. Per Pro Football Talk, each regular-season game missed would cost him $870,000 in salary.

Pierre-Paul's absence could cost the Giants a lot more. Stay with us as continue to provide updates on this unfortunate, quick-developing story. And read our full coverage in our StoryStream.