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Giants news: Tom Coughlin hasn't talked to Jason Pierre-Paul since injury

New York Giants headlines for Thursday, 7/30.

Tom Coughlin has yet to speak with Jason Pierre-Paul.
Tom Coughlin has yet to speak with Jason Pierre-Paul.
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Good morning, Giants fans! Here are headlines for your Thursday morning.

Coughlin hasn't spoken to Jason Pierre-Paul since injury

In an interview with Jenny Vrentas of The Monday Morning Quarterback, Giants head coach Tom Coughlin discussed a number of topics, including Eli Manning's contract situation, his future as a head coach and books he's read over the summer. However, the topic that jumps up right away is that he has not talked to defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul since he injured his hand, which resulted in the amputation of his right index finger, on the fourth of July. Coughlin found out about the injury the next day.

"It was Sunday afternoon, the fifth. That afternoon. I think (GM) Jerry (Reese) was the first one to text me. I texted Jason right away. I just said, "How can I help you?" But I didn’t hear anything back, so. And really there has been very little information even to this point in time."

Nearly four weeks later and Coughlin still has not received a reply from Pierre-Paul. The two-time Super Bowl winning coach stated more than once that the Giants, as an organization, care for Pierre-Paul's well-being, but that the Pro Bowl player does not want the Giants' help. Coughlin believes Pierre-Paul's agent has played a role, but ultimately, the choice of whether or not to report to the Giants is the player's. When Coughlin was asked about if he expects Pierre-Paul to come to training camp, here's what he had to say:

"I don’t know. I don’t know what to expect anymore."

Pierre-Paul rehabbing on his own in Florida

Without a signed tender, the Giants have no say in how or how not Pierre-Paul should handle his injury, but he is planning to do it on his own in Florida. Even if his rehabilitation goes smoothly as one source believes, there is no timetable for his return.

"I don't think JPP is receiving very good advice right now," Mara said. "He has told people that he's fine and that he's going to be ready to play, but until we see the hand, we're just not sure."

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