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Giants 90-man roster breakdown: TE Matt LaCosse 'didn't make many mistakes' this spring

LaCosse was impressive this spring. Will that carry over to training camp?

Matt LaCosse
Matt LaCosse
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The New York Giants find themselves headubg into training camp with a group of young, interesting tight ends. Let's look at one of them -- Matt LaCose of Illinois -- as we continue our player-by-player profiles leading up to camp.

2014 Season in Review

The 6-foot-6, 250-pound LaCosse had only 14 receptions for Illinois a year ago as he was used primarily as a blocker. He had 20 catches in 2013.

2015 Season Outlook

The Giants signed LaCosse an an undrafted free agent. He is competing with youngsters Jerome Cunningham and Will Tye in an effort to earn either a roster spot or place on the Giants' practice squad.

Illinois tight end coach Alex Golesh told Big Blue View he believes LaCosse has an excellent chance to stick in the NFL:

"He is as raw potential-wise as you can get because he was a high school quarterback," Golesh said."I knew if he could just get into a camp I always knew he would make it. Just because he's the kind of kid that there's going to be very few coaches that are going to want to cut that kid."

LaCosse has shown versatility to play inline and split wide, and caught everything thrown his way during the spring.

"He's a linear guy and a long-legged guy who can get down the field. Very, very bright. Matt didn't make many mistakes, which is impressive," said tight ends coach Kevin Gilbride Jr.

Gilbride said LaCosse successfully handled a variety of roles during the spring.

"He's not only book smart, he can take the book smart as far as the techniques we're teaching as far as the assignments we're giving and the motions and bring it to the field and have the calm about him to not make a mistake," Gilbride said. "He has a large catch radius. If the ball is thrown high he can go up and get it."

Right now, LaCosse and former Stony Brook tight end Will Tye are probably vying for a spot on the practice squad.