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Sal Pal -- Giants 'will win the division,' if they are healthy

So, Sal Pal says health is the key to the Giants' 2015 season. Where have we heard that before?

Steven Ryan-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN's Sal Paolantonio told John Schmeelk of on Thursday that the New York Giants "will win the division" in 2015 ... with one big caveat.

"This team needs to get healthy and it needs to get whole, and I think if that happens the Giants will win the division," Paolantonio said.

The Giants, of course, have led the league in games lost to injury the past two seasons.

Here's what Sal Pal told Schmeelk about the rest of the teams in the NFC East.

Running back DeMarco Murray was the Dallas Cowboys' "best player" and that his loss "weakens them considerably."

The offensive line, where both guards are being replaced and center Jason Kelce is coming off stomach surgery, is a "major issue" for the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Washington Redskins are "a big mystery as far as I'm concerned because you just don't know whether the head coach [Jay Gruden]and the quarterback [Robert Griffin III] are in synch."

Your thoughts, Giants fans?