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20 for 20: Top 20 Giants plays of last 20 years

A countdown of the top 20 plays made by the New York Giants during the past 20 years. It's a nice summer stroll down memory lane.

This catch is definitely high in the rankings, but does it take the top spot?
This catch is definitely high in the rankings, but does it take the top spot?
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On July 23, 1995, yours truly was born. And since that day, I've bled blue. Even as a little kid, I remember the New York Giants losing to the Baltimore Ravens in Super Bowl XXXV, with a disgruntled Kerry Collins on the front page of the local newspaper the next day.

However, the Giants' fortunes would turn soon enough, as I remember watching the Giants defeat the previously undefeated Patriots in Super Bowl XLII at my uncle's house. My uncle is the only person in my family that is a Dallas Cowboys fan, so you can imagine what that victory celebration was like at his house. And then, I watched as the ball bounced away from the outstretched arms of Rob Gronkowski and the Giants would beat the Patriots again in a Super Bowl.

While the past few years haven't been the best for Big Blue, there's a lot of potential going forward with Odell Beckham, Eli Manning and Landon Collins, among others. With that, here are my top 20 New York Giants plays of the past 20 years.

No. 20: Devin Thomas Recovers the Punt Return Fumble

This fumble recovery (it's number four in the full video) gave the Giants a chance to win and dashed the 49ers' hopes. Lawrence Tynes would once again send the G-Men to the Super Bowl with another overtime field goal.

No. 19: Jason Pierre-Paul's Pick Sixes

Also, this one against the Packers. Another showcase of JPP's special athleticism.

No. 18: Barber Rocks the Raiders

Tiki's 95-yard touchdown run against the Raiders was one of the best runs in Giants history.

No. 17: Jason Sehorn's Incredible Interception

Sehorn bobbled it while on the ground and somehow still caught it.

No. 16: Chase Blackburn Picks Off the Lob

Blackburn was one of the Giants' fundamental players in their 2011 Super Bowl run and proved it when he beat Rob Gronkowski to the ball in the Super Bowl. The Giants would go on to win it, of course, 21-17.

No. 15: Strahan Sacks Favre for the Record

Yes, Brett Favre basically fell on the ground and conceded the sack to Strahan, but the significance of it makes it a much bigger play, especially with the sack record held by Strahan still standing today.

No. 14: Beckham Beats the 49ers in an Encore

This impressive grab on the sideline was an encore after the rookie's incredible catch against the Cowboys. We'll be seeing more of these kinds of hauls in future years.

No. 13: Pierre-Paul's Paw Defeats Dallas

Let's hope Jason Pierre-Paul can keep up this kind of athleticism with nine fingers.

No. 12: Kerry Collins Completes the Flea Flicker

The Giants haven't run many trick plays in the Tom Coughlin era. This one from the pre-Coughlin days is a simple beauty from Collins to Amani Toomer.

No. 11: Hakeem Answers the Hail Mary

The Giants would go on to win this game, 37-20. Nicks set the tone for the second half in this playoff contest with this touchdown grab.

No. 10: David Wilson's Sprint Against the Saints

If it wasn't for neck injuries that forced an early retirement, Wilson could have been a lightning bug out of the Giants backfield. He showed his speed here, and he's reportedly been training to try out for the United States Olympic Track and Field team.

No. 9: Bradshaw Bursts Through the Bills

During Ahmad Bradshaw's rookie season, he made this fantastic run through the middle of the Bills defense to propel the Giants on their run to the Super Bowl.

No. 8: Cruz Corrals It Over Two All-Pro Defensive Backs

Victor Cruz makes the bobbling one-handed catch while being covered by Richard Sherman AND Kam Chancellor. Not too shabby if you ask me.

No. 7: Hixon Makes the One-Handed Haul

On an unfortunate note, Hixon tore his ACL on this play. However, it seems as though he always had a positive vibe and he was certainly a contributor when on the field for Big Blue.

No. 6: Cruz Cruises Past The Jets

Before the play, the commentator says: "You've gotta get some positive yards here just so you can punt the ball from a normal distance." Victor Cruz clearly had other ideas on this historic touchdown.

No. 5: Third Tynes The Charm

After missing two field goals, Lawrence Tynes had a chance with the game on the line to send the Giants to the Super Bowl, and he didn't disappoint. The pressure of the moment, the freezing temperature and the adrenaline rush it provided make this a top five play.

No. 4: Plaxico Burress Wins the Super Bowl

This catch led to one of the greatest upsets in the history of professional sports. Enough said.

No. 3: Super Mario Makes the Patriots Pay

Mario Manningham was never much more than a third wide receiver with the Giants, but this was the defining catch of his career. It's a shame that his NFL career was derailed due to injuries, but without him, the Giants wouldn't have won their second Super Bowl in a five-year span.

No. 2: The Catch 2.0

Giants fans knew about then-rookie Odell Beckham before this haul, but this play burst him into the national spotlight and made him a celebrity in the sports world. Here's to more amazing catches from Odell for many years to come.

No. 1: The Helmet Catch

Could it have been anything else? This is probably the best play in not just the past 20 years, but in Giants and possibly NFL history. David Tyree's glorious grab led to the Plaxico Burress touchdown to defeat the previously undefeated Patriots. Everything about this play was amazing and it's easily the top choice.