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Giants morning report: Beat reporters rank the NFC East

New York Giants headlines for Tuesday, 7/21.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Morning, Big Blue View! Here's some news and updates about the New York Giants for this morning. Ranking the teams in the NFC East

Giants beat reporter Jordan Ranaan teamed up with his Eagles counterpart, Eliot Shorr-Parks to objectively rank the four teams in the division. They analyzed the offenses and defenses first and then found an overall victor.  According to this study, the Cowboys "blow away" the rest of the division in offensive talent whereas the Eagles have the best defensive and overall rank thanks largely to their front seven. The methodology is simple, they ranked the teams on positional groups. For example, they both gave the Giants a "1" ranking for cornerbacks indicating they have the best group in the division. They added up all the rankings and the team with the lowest number is the most talented. The Giants have the second most talented defense (prior to JPP's injury) and are tied for second with the Eagles on offense.

The Giants offense started off extremely well. They were highly regarded at quarterback, running back and wide receiver, and even appeared to be challenging the Cowboys. Then came along tight end and offensive line, where the Giants finished last in both categories. They could be the offense's Achilles heel this season.

The results indicate the Eagles and Giants upgraded greatly this offseason (either by adding free agents, making trades or having players return from injury). The Eagles finished with the 28th-ranked defense last season, but added a starting linebacker, cornerback and safety this offseason. The Giants were ranked 29th in overall team defense, but added depth in free agency and had a starting linebacker, cornerback and potentially a safety return from injury. It made a difference.

If you haven't had enough of rankings, Mark Eckel started his list of the top 50 players from the Giants, Jets and Eagles. Numbers 41-50 were released with four Giants making it (DaMontre Moore, Andre Williams, Landon Collins and Jon Beason).

Can Dwayne Harris do more than return kicks? He thinks so

In an interesting read, Giants reporter Patricia Traina got the chance to speak with Dwayne Harris and how he's adapting as a Giant as well as speaking on his previous experiences on being a Dallas Cowboy.

Q: In your career in Dallas, you got pigeonholed into a specific role. Did you ever say to yourself, ‘I can do so much more’?
A: Every single time, but things worked out the way it worked out. I had a role, I played it, I didn’t need to complain. Now I’m in New York so, I’m okay with it.

Giants offered head coaching job to Nick Saban before Jim Fassel

The newly released biography on Nick Saban reveals a tidbit on how the legendary Alabama coach could have been a Giant.

"We were very impressed with him," John Mara said of Saban. "We offered him the job." Taking it a step farther, the late George Young, GM of the Giants at the time, told John Mara and his father, Wellington, that Saban was "the best candidate [Young had] ever interviewed."

The problem is that Saban wanted control over personnel and the coaching staff. The Giants didn’t want to give the coach that kind of power. And so the process of negotiating a contract broke down before it ever got very far.

The Giants prefer a separation of powers for their franchise instead of the all in one guys akin to Belichick or Chip Kelly. Given the high risk and high reward outcomes for these types of coaches, it's interesting to wonder how different the Giants future could have been with Saban at the helm.