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Ex-Giant Justin Tuck gives an update on Jason Pierre-Paul

Justin Tuck gives an update on, and endorsement of, Jason Pierre-Paul

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The injury to Jason Pierre-Paul has taken over what was looking like a boring summer, but it's been a couple hours since we've brought it up. A big part of that has been a lack of information coming forth about defensive end's condition, his communications with the team, or much of anything else for that matter.

Talking to Jordan Ranaan of at a charity event in Newark New Jersey, former New York Giants defensive end Justin Tuck offered an update on his injured former teammate. While much has been made of JPP not communicating with the Giants while he was in the hospital, he has been in constant contact with his former mentor and friend.

"He is [in good spirits]. He'll be the first one to tell you he made a mistake. He's fine. He's going to have a great year. . . . I think he will be [successful]. Once he gets used to playing again, you can't deny his athletic ability. He's a terror to block. Hopefully everything else gets healthy around him and if that is the case, I don't see any reason why he wouldn't be the JPP of the second half of the season like he was last year."

Likewise, both current and former teammates expressed their confidence that Pierre-Paul will be able to return to his dominant form in 2015.

Former Giants offensive lineman Rich Seubert noted that losing a finger isn't much different from having the index and middle fingers taped together, as linemen often do. He also made a point that injuries are simply a fact of life in the NFL:

"I think it's silly [to assume it will affect him greatly], we all played through injuries. I played through a bunch of injuries. Everyone I know played through a bunch of injuries.

Losing a finger, I'm sure it's going to affect you a little bit, but it's not like [offensive linemen are] going to punch it, go for it. You can't grab it, right? It's not there. So he'll be fine."

Current teammate, Mark Herzlich -- who himself is no stranger to adversity -- likewise endorsed Pierre-Paul going forward:

"I've seen him do some ridiculous things with 10 fingers, I'm sure he can do some ridiculous things with nine fingers. He's going to be able to."

Herzlich also believes that JPP has been in contact with the Giants since his surgery. That's a belief that makes sense, given the Giants leaving a roster spot open after the waiving of receiver Marcus Harris.

But while his former and current teammates don't doubt Pierre-Paul's ability to come back from his injury athletically, it does remain to be seen how quickly he will pick up the nuances of Steve Spagnuolo's defense.