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Jeromy Miles: Where will new Giants safety fit in secondary?

The consensus appears to be this -- good player to have, just not a week-in and week-out starter.

Jeromy Miles
Jeromy Miles
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

What should New York Giants fans expect from Jeromy Miles, the former Baltimore Ravens safety the team added last week as a free agent?

One thing is clear -- the Giants should not be looking at Miles as a Week 1 16-game starter. The 28-year-old has three starts in 67 career games, two of those last season for a porous Baltimore secondary.

Former Giants scout Dan Hatman coached Miles at UMass several years ago and likes the signing. Provided the Giants don't ask too much. Hatman told me that Miles is a "Great guy and good ST. Shouldn't be more than 4th S who can work as Nickel LB."

After the signing, I reached out to Baltimore Beatdown head honcho Matthew Stevens. Via e-mail, Stevens had this to say about Miles:

"He was a rotational player for the Ravens in the secondary, but his big impact was on special teams. All-around a quiet but decent player that should not be expected to start unless the defense has major problems. The best way to say it is that Miles was not resigned to the Ravens despite the Ravens having one of the worst secondaries last season due to injury. He wasn't a major liability, but he was below average as a safety for the Ravens.

"I'm not too sure what the Giants have going on in their secondary right now, but I'd suspect that he will be utilized much in the same way that the Ravens used him. On special teams primarily and as a rotational safety with the understanding that he is a depth player.

Beatdown's Yitzi Weiss also opined that Miles "will likely be a smart signing for the Giants." Weiss is another who seemed to caution against expecting too much.

Miles was +3.5 on special teams with eight tackles last season for Baltimore. He figures to help the Giants on coverage teams, as well as help the secondary, even if he is only a veteran presence whose primary role ends up being helping the younger players figure out what it is they are being asked to do.