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Confidence poll: What if Giants' backup QB Ryan Nassib had to play?

We have never asked this directly. So, tell us what you think, Giants fans.

Ryan Nassib
Ryan Nassib
Steven Ryan-USA TODAY Sports

CBS Sports has ranked the best backup quarterback situations in the NFL. As you would expect, the New York Giants are nowhere to be found on that list. That, of course, is perfectly understandable since no one has ever seen third-year man Ryan Nassib take a meaningful snap in a real game.

The question becomes this. What would your confidence level be if Nassib actually had to play regular-season snaps? There is nothing to base a real opinion on. There is the 2014 preseason, when Nassib completed 44-of-74 passes (59.5 percent) with five touchdowns, no interceptions and a passer rating of 107.3. We know, however, the preseason stats and records are really meaningless. He threw only five regular-season passes in 2014, completing four.

So, what is your confidence level?

Are the Giants sunk if the former Syracuse quarterback has to play at all?

Do you believe the Giants would be fine for a game or two if Nassib had to play?

Would the Giants still have a shot to make the playoffs if Nassib had to play, say, 6-10 games?

Do you think he is the quarterback of the future and, regardless of the results, you would be happy to see him play?

Vote in the poll.

By the way, CBS says the Philadelphia Eagles have the best backup quarterback situation in the league. Up to you how you want to take that.