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Fantasy Football: Would you draft the top 3 Giants?

Would you want any of these guys on your Fantasy Football team?

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Hello, New York Giants fans! Since we all love our team, it can be hard at times wondering if picking someone from our team is worth it. Are we being biased to our team, or do other fantasy players sleep on the Giants? Here's we'll evaluate the top three fantasy relevant Giants and see if we should take them!

1. Odell Beckham Jr.

Beckham's 2014 season belongs in the fantasy Hall of Fame. It was the most productive season for any rookie wide receiver, especially considering he only played in 12 games. With more weapons around him to relieve pressure as well as the entire offense being more comfortable in the second year of a new system, it's not unreasonable to think improvement is possible.  That being said, I probably will not draft Beckhameven though it's not his fault at all. Consider his ADP. On ESPN, Beckham is drafted as the 14th player overall and the fourth receiver taken. On Yahoo, he's the 10th overall player making him the third receiver off the board. Beckham is being taken ahead of guys like Calvin Johnson, Julio Jones, A.J. Green and Jordy Nelson. And while I appreciate the lofty praise for a Giant, I'm not sure if I can follow my heart on this one. Odell once more has a hamstring problem that has limited his offseason activities. While I heavily doubt it will affect his performance you have to wonder if he'll miss games again. In Beckham's place, you can draft a stud RB or Rob Gronkowski and come back in round two to pick up Julio Jones or Calvin Johnson. Also considering that since we're all Giants fans and that we play fantasy against our fellow fans, there's a great chance Beckham's draft position will be even higher. I'd love to get Beckham with my second-round pick but I'm going to be hesitant with my first rounder. Don't get me wrong, it won't be a bad pick regardless but with equal talent coming in the next round, I think I'll be missing out on our stud.

2. Eli Manning

I've actually written an entire post highlighting why Eli Manning is a solid option for fantasy this year. For the "too long, didn't read version," essentially Manning has a ridiculously cheap price attached to him. The average fantasy fan is not buying into Manning's 2014 in which he performed as a top 10 quarterback. Remember, though, Manning struggled heavily in the preseason and for his first couple of weeks while acclimating to the new offensive system.  With familiarity in the new system as well with the return of Victor Cruz and the addition of Shane Vereen the passing game may just return to its heights in 2011 in which Eli was a top six fantasy quarterback. The risk is minimal, so why not?

3. Rashad Jennings

Jennings is the safe bet to rack up carries for the Giants long as he remains healthy. Unfortunately that rarely seems to be the case with Jennings. He achieved 600 rushing yards and 200 receiving yards in nine healthy games. If healthy for all 16 games he would average roughly 1,400 yards from scrimmage making him a must start RB in any format. Also note that PFF has ranked the 2014 Giants as dead last in run blocking yet Jennings was still able to post great numbers. Given the rarity of running backs in the league, Rashad Jennings is still a good buy despite his injury issues. ESPN has Jennings the 28th drafted RB in mock drafts where Yahoo as him as the 29th. Mock drafters don't even consider Jennings as a RB2 even though when healthy he's closer to a RB1. They also fail to acknowledge that it's impossible for the Giants' run blocking to get even worse. That's killer value here even if he doesn't play all 16 games. Just be sure to try your best in acquiring Shane Vereen and/or Andre Williams to hedge your bets.

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