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Giants morning report: Ex-Giants coach Bill Arnsparger dies at 88

New York Giants headlines for Saturday, 7/18.

Bill Arnsparger as an assistant with the Chargers.
Bill Arnsparger as an assistant with the Chargers.
Ken Levine/Getty Images

Good morning, New York Giants fans! Let's check the headlines for this Saturday morning.

Ex-Giants coach Bill Arnsparger dies

Bill Arnsparger, head coach coach of the Giants from 1974 until being fired mid-way through the 1976 season, has died. Arnsparger was 88.

Arnsparger was a defensive mastermind and the architect of the Miami Dolphins 'No Name Defense' that helped the team go undefeated in 1972 and win two Super Bowl titles. He went just 7-28 as head coach of the Giants and was fired with the team 0-7 in the middle of the 1976 season.

Time to move on from JPP?

Good friend Pat Traina thinks so. Here is part of her argument:

It is not the Giants' way to cast aside one of their own -- it never has been.

But business is business, and the fact is that Pierre-Paul's production since 2011, regardless of health, has been deceiving. Combine that with his lack of judgement, and the franchise tag is no longer a sound investment.

Valentine's View: You know my stance on this. I have said the two sides are better off together in the short term. Fact is, it's fair to wonder whether the Giants would have moved on from Pierre-Paul already had they not missed the playoffs three years in a row. I would not blame the Giants a bit if they ultimately rescinded the franchise tag and made Pierre-Paul a free agent. I just don't believe they will, and a big part of the reason is their lack of success in recent seasons means they aren't necessarily in a position of strength.

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