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Giants' Ryan Nassib ranked No. 28 on list of backup QBs

He wears No. 12 and he went to Syracuse. That's about what we know about Ryan Nassib.

Ryan Nassib
Ryan Nassib
Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports had to put Ryan Nassib of the New York Giants somewhere in its ranking of the 32 NFL backup quarterbacks. Somehow, with absolutely no evidence to go on,'s Marc Sessler put Eli Manning's caddy No. 28 on his list of presumed No. 2 signal-callers.

Like I said, he had to put Nassib somewhere.

Sessler grouped Nassib in his "Just Dudes" category, along with guys like Scott Tolzein of the Green Bay Packers, Dan Orlovsky of the Detroit Lions and Jimmy Clausen of the Chicago Bears. Sessler wrote:

Giants coach Tom Coughlin called Nassib an eventual NFL starter after he easily won the No. 2 job in 2014. Still, with Eli Manning not missing a game since 2004, Nassib remains a figure hidden deep in the background

When we profiled Nassib recently we had the same problem. Manning always plays, so we have no earthly idea what kind of NFL player Nassib is, or could be.

Asked about him, recall that Giants quarterbacks coach Mike Sullivan didn't really know what to say, either. He vaguely called him "a grinder" and a "gym rat," and said he was "very impressed with his work ethic." In other words, Sullivan doesn't have any idea what of player Nassib is, either.

In case you're wondering, Mark Sanchez of the Philadelphia Eagles is ranked as the league's best backup quarterback.