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Marcus Harris injury: Micro-fracture surgery reason he was waived by Giants

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It was announced yesterday that the New York Giants made the surprising decision to waive wide receiver -- and 2014 camp superstar -- Marcus "Soup" Harris.

The decision to part ways, at least for now, with Harris makes much more sense with the report via Jordan Ranaan that Harris in fact had microfracture surgery following the June Minicamp.

The operation was originally intended to be a simple knee scope to speed clean the joint and speed recovery. However the medical staff quickly realized the damage was worse than it was believed to be, and they performed a microfracture procedure on the spot. Rather than have a recovery period measured in weeks, short enough to return in time for training camp, microfracture surgery has a recovery period measured in months.

Harris has vowed to overcome this latest setback.

If Harris clears the waiver wire without being claimed by another team he will be placed on the Giants' injured reserve list.