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New York Giants waive Justin Currie and Marcus 'Soup' Harris

One move was expected, the other is a surprise. What else do the Giants have in store?

Jason Miller/Getty Images

The New York Giants announced Wednesday afternoon that they have waived wide receiver Marcus Harris and safety Justin Currie, 2015

When the Giants signing free agent, and former Baltimore Raven safety, Jeromy Miles, there had to be a corresponding roster move. The waiving of Justin Currie, an undrafted free agent out of Western Michigan who plays the same position as Miles, so that move isn't particularly surprising.

The surprise, however comes with the Giants parting ways with Harris. Harris, an undrafted free agent receiver was one of the stars of the 2014 offseason. Though not a big name, his crisp route running and sticky hands drew acclaim from writers, players, and coaches over the course of the offseason program, training camp, and pre-season. Harris missed the 2014 season when he was placed on the injured reserve with a sprained AC joint. He is currently recovering from a knee scope that was performed after minicamp.

The two roster moves leave the Giants with an open roster spot, and it remains to be seen what they will do with it.