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Who is the most under-appreciated member of the New York Giants?

Vote in the poll and tell us what you think?

Josh Brown
Josh Brown
Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Our friends over at SB Nation's Washington Redskins site, Hogs Haven, are asking their readers who the most under-appreciated member of their team is. Since it is a lazy summer day I am going to blatantly steal HH's idea and ask you who you believe the most under-appreciated member of your New York Giants is.

I will give you a few names, with brief thoughts on each. Vote in the poll. If you vote for 'other,' drop a comment to let us know who you are selecting.

PK Josh Brown -- The guy is coming off the best season a Giants kicker has ever had. Entering 2015 the Giants have plenty to worry about. Whether or not they have a placekicker who can do his job isn't one of them.

WR Rueben Randle -- For all the complaining about the guy he caught 71 passes in 2014. The Giants will sign up for that if he can do it again.

DT Johnathan Hankins -- Some think he's ready to have a breakout year. Some think he is on the verge of being dominant. Is he already a dominant defensive tackle?

OL Justin Pugh -- We just talked about how Pugh is changing positions, and his ability to do that really helps the Giants. Not to mention the fact that he is a darn good player.

QB Eli Manning -- Just about any time a non-Giants fan discusses Manning they are dissing him. Many Giants fans still do the same, and can't wait until the day the Giants have a new franchise quarterback. The guy hasn't been a regular-season stat machine, but he has two Super Bowl rings and is an upper echelon QB when his offensive line gives him a chance.

Who else belongs on the list? Vote in the poll.