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Giants morning report: ESPN's Adam Schefter defends JPP tweet

New York Giants headlines for Monday, 7/13.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, Giants fans! Here are some Monday morning headlines to start off your week.

Adam Schefter defends his actions and controversial Jason Pierre-Paul tweet

Last week, ESPN NFL reporter Adam Schefter tweeted out medical charts obtained by his employer that showed Pierre-Paul had his right index finger amputated during one of multiple hand surgeries. He spoke to Sports Illustrated about the incident in The Noise Report and defended his controversial tweet, but acknowledged the criticism that came with it.

"But in a day and age in which pictures and videos tell stories and confirm facts, in which sources and their motives are routinely questioned, and in which reporters strive to be as accurate as possible, this was the ultimate supporting proof," Schefter said. "On this one, there should have been even more discussion than there was due to the sensitivity of the story; that’s on me."

Ex-Giants CB Will Allen indicted for involvement in Ponzi Scheme

The 36-year old former NFL player allegedly partnered with business partner Susan Daub in which they convinced investors to fund high-interest, short-term loans to athletes, according to the Boston Globe. They forged their signatures to assure new investors that their money was being spent correctly, and used much of the money from the new investors to pay off earlier ones and divert millions of dollars to themselves. Allen reportedly made more than four million dollars from this activity alone, and funneled $32 million total through his and Daub's company, Capital Financial Partners LLC. They were both arrested in Florida last month.

Study -- Giants have third-best fans in NFL

In a study conducted at Emory University, the Giants were measured to have the third-best fans in the NFL, behind the Dallas Cowboys and New England Patriots. Here is how the study was conducted.

In terms of the nuts and bolts of what we are about to present, we use fifteen years of data on NFL team performance, ticket prices, market populations, median incomes, won-loss records and multiple other factors. We create statistical models of box office revenue, and then see which teams over- and under- perform the model’s predictions.

One of the big reasons why the Giants are so high is due to being in the biggest market in the country, for starters. I'm sure winning two Super Bowls in the last decade helps, too.

More Headlines

Victor Cruz made his acting debut Sunday night in the HBO show "Ballers." Read about his experience on the show here.

Donovan McNabb has been suspended from Fox Sports in the wake of another DUI.

Bills offensive line coach Aaron Kromer has been arrested for battery after allegedly punching boy, making death threats.