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Jason Pierre-Paul won't sign until he is ready to play -- report

The saga continues to unfold.

Jason Pierre-Paul
Jason Pierre-Paul
Ron Antonelli/Getty Images

It has been obvious throughout the ordeal with Jason Pierre-Paul since his Fourth of July fireworks accident that the defensive end and the New York Giants are not necessarily on the same page when it comes to how to handle the situation. Now comes word that Pierre-Paul reportedly does not intend to sign his franchise tender until he is able to pass a physical.

Earlier Friday, we referenced a report that the Giants "fully intend" to keep Pierre-Paul in 2015.

The issue, really, is who controls the situation. If Pierre-Paul signs the franchise tag before he is able to pass a physical the Giants can place him on the Non-Football Injury list. That gives the team full control over whether or not he misses regular-season games and whether or not he gets paid for games he might miss. If Pierre-Paul does not sign the tender he still would not get paid because he would not have a contract, but the Giants would not control the situation. He could choose to not sign until he is fully confident he can pass a physical. That might be the best avenue for JPP to collect as much of the $14.8 million as possible.

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