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Still Running - David Wilson takes first strides towards the Olympics

David Wilson is set to return to world-class competition this weekend.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

"I got to live my dream. I'll set another dream, and be great at that."

Those were David Wilson's words at his tearful farewell press conference when the talented young running back announced that neck injuries would be forcing him to retire all too soon from the sport he loved.

As the New York Giants get ready to wrap up their spring program with their mandatory Minicamp next week, Wilson is getting ready to take the first competitive steps toward living his next dream.

He began setting his sights on that next dream just days after announcing his retirement from the NFL. That was when he began considering a return to track and field.

This Saturday Wilson is set to compete in the Adidas Grand Prix in the triple jump against some of the best in the world. Wilson last competed in track and field in 2010, but he was a national champion in high school, and an All-American at Virginia Tech. While Wilson was never caught from behind on the football field, his speed isn't special. His talent for the triple and long jump are rare, however.

It's that same lower-body explosiveness that let Wilson effortlessly turn back-flips as he celebrated touchdown runs in the endzone.

I think I can speak for everyone when I wish the young man those of us who fondly remember the cartoons of the early '90' nicknamed "Darkwing" the very best of luck this weekend.

He deserves it.