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Knee sleeves a new look for Giants QB Eli Manning

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But, can they make him run faster?

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Is it a fashion statement? A concession to getting older? A secret weapon designed to make him run like American Pharoah? Whatever it is, Eli Manning was sporting a new look on Monday at OTA, wearing black knee sleeves.

Asked about them, Manning deflected the question with a little humor.

"Just knee sleeves. I'm 34, I think. I just like the look; it's a good style," Manning said. "It is just a little sleeve that seems to help a little bit. I think it looks good, looks like I'm a great athlete."

On a more serious topic, the fact that star wide receiver Odell Beckham is dealing with a hamstring issue and missing practice time for the second straight season, Manning is hoping the Giants and Beckham can avoid the issues that cost Beckham four games a season ago.

"I think he is just trying to be smart and [does not] want to push this thing longer than it has to be, which is kind of what we went through last year," Manning said. "I think we are trying to avoid that. We don't want him missing training camp and missing obviously games next year, so hopefully he can get healthy real soon and get back to the team and back to practice."