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Giants morning report: Coughlin outlines hopes for rest of offseason

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New York Giants headlines for Tuesday, 6/9.

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Good morning, New York Giants fans! Here are your Tuesday morning Giants headlines.

Coughlin discusses goals for rest of offseason

This is the final week of OTAs for the Giants, and they finish spring practice with a mandatory mini-camp next week. Can head coach Tom Coughlin begin to see the big picture of what kind of team the Giants might be?

"That is the problem with being a coach. The good things pop up and then you quickly talk about the things that weren't so good, so you kind of get back to the balancing it off. You like to see something go well and be enhanced and when it does, you are glad about that, but then you are thinking ‘we do have to stop the run' or something like that," Coughlin said. "You start to look at a little bit more scope, but really on a daily basis, practice to practice, as I just told everybody - coaches this morning and players this afternoon -- what they should be doing right now is deciding how do they want to finish the spring and what are their goals and what impression do they want to have? What have we accomplished when we finish up the mini-camp? Hopefully that is where they all are."

Jon Beason: Defense won't be dictated to

Middle linebacker Jon Beason was asked Monday if he can understand why Antonio Pierce, middle linebacker for the Giants the first time Steve Spagnuolo was defensive coordinator, was so important to that defense.

"Yeah, as a MIKE backer, the onus is on me to get guys lined up and in the right situation. The good thing about this defense is Coach Spags puts pressure on everybody. Everyone has their own ‘OBW's'. Oh by way. Little small tidbits that if this happens, that is when we have to be ready for it," Beason said. "The beauty of it is we won't be able to be dictated to. We will be able to get lined up and no matter what they do, we are going to be ready for it. That should cause a lot of problems for opposing offenses.

"You don't want to sit back. Eli and company, these quarterbacks are extremely good. They are elite. They study us. We obviously have tendencies and they obviously have tendencies, but when you just sit back and stay in the same call, it is easy for them. So you make it hard and make them have to do some things post-snap where maybe we can steal a play and get an interception or a turnover. Get the ball back to our offense and hopefully win more games."

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