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Jon Beason: New Giants' defense 'most complex' he has played in

Beason talks about the new defense on Sirius XM

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Jon Beason (52)
Jon Beason (52)
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

New York Giants middle linebacker Jon Beason said Wednesday on Sirius XM NFL Radio that the defense being installed by new/old defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo is "the most complex system I've been in."

"This is my fifth defensive coordinator. It's the most complex because we will not sit back and be dictated to by anybody," Beason told Ross Tucker and David Diehl. "Offenses create problems by formations, moving people around, shifts and motions. It's all built into every call where we can make a change. Obviously it's a lot more pressure on the MIKE linebacker, but he puts the onus on the SAM linebacker, the WILL, the safeties. Everyone has a call. Even the defensive line are expected to know a lot more as opposed to relying on the check of the MIKE.

"It's a great system. We're going to be aggressive. We're going to be ready for whatever an offense does."

You have to love the word "aggressive" and the phrase "we will not be dictated to by anybody" if you are a Giants fan. You might be concerned, however, about the "most complex" phrase after the Perry Fewell era, where the defense was often thought to be overly complicated.

What it comes down is whether the players buy in, and whether or not Spagnuolo and his assistant coaches can teach the system properly. Whether or not players actually understood what Fewell wanted from them was sometimes considered to be an issue.

Beason also talked about the linebackers who are most likely to be playing on either side of him.

On J.T. Thomas ...

"You can get lost in the shuffle when you play for a team that doesn't have the same marketability as the New York Giants. I think he's an exceptional player, he's savvy. I think he loves to play football, and that's important to me. To see a guy who wants to come in, he wants to work, he wants to learn, he's pro-active. That important. Everyone's not like that. It was a great find by the Giants."

On Devon Kennard ...

"I can't praise Kennard enough. He prepares better than any rookie I've ever seen, and that's including myself. He just really wants it, he gets it, he understands it.

"He played most of his life on the line, he's really a pass rusher." Beason wasn't sure about him as a 4-3 LB

"He took coaching. He worked on it. The thing I noticed the most this offseason is I think he's a step or two faster, he's quicker. And he's not afraid anymore, he's making calls. ... I trust in him. He has potential to be as good as he wants to be, as good an anybody that's played there. The skill set is very unique, but it allows him to be a great blitzer coming off the edge and he's also a great pass coverage linebacker, which is shocking to see that savvy and that smarts this early in his career."

Beason addressed his health after playing only four games last season. It sounds like the Giants are limiting his workload.

"I only know one way. I only know how to practice hard. It's very difficult for me. The Giants have been taking reps off of me. It's frustrating but I get the method to their madness."

On Landon Collins ...

"Landon Collins has come in and he's looked every bit as good as you saw every Saturday when he was playing at Alabama."