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2015 New York Giants Almanac now available for purchase

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Get your copy now.

Graphic by Alex Sinclair

Want to be ready for the upcoming NFL season? The '2015 New York Giants Almanac' is now available to help you do just that. You can purchase this year's book for $8.99 via 'Smashwords.'

This year's almanac is a downloadable e-book filled with 57 pages of information to get you up to speed on everything you need to know about the Giants before training camp begins. The book should be available in a variety of formats.Here is just some of what you will find:

-- A complete overview of what it might take for the Giants to get back to the playoffs.

-- A look at what Steve Spagnuolo's defense might look like in his second stint as Giants defensive coordinator.

-- Factors that will determine whether or not the Giants have an elite offense this season.

-- A look at the Giants NFC East competition.

-- An overview of the Giants 2015 draft class and some predictions on how each player will fare.

-- A look at Owamagbe Odighizuwa. Can he be the Giants next great defensive end?

Thanks to Alex Sinclair for the cover art, and to both Alex and Chris Pflum for contributing their expertise to the writing of the almanac.